How is it Performed ?

Your dentist may be considering various types of dental treatment- to improve your smile, to correct a misaligned bite or to relieve painful condition (joint disorders)). To provide you with an optimum bite that gives you a beautiful smile as well as healthy muscles and joints, your dentist will then apply neuromuscular principles to build your bite.

NMD begins by relaxing the muscles around the jaw with the use of a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) device ( J5 Myo-monitor in our office).

The J5  Myo-monitor is a battery operated electrical muscle stimulator that delivers mild electrical stimulus to the muscles of the face and jaw area, and possibly the neck and shoulder area, to exercise these muscles and to cause them to relax. as shown here.

j5Once the dentist succeeds in relaxing your muscles and determining the jaw position that corresponds to neuromuscular occlusion, they will want to record that position physically. The physical recording is done through a process called bite registration. this is done by placing a fast setting putty like material between your teeth, then guiding the jaw to the desired neuromuscular position using J5 device. As the putty begins to harden, it is removed from the mouth and placed on the plaster models of yor teeth. this creates a spacer between  the upper and the lower model that causes the upper and lower jaw relationship to be in the correct neuromuscular position. it is subsequently used in the dental office to study your bite and if indicated to be used by the laboratory to fabricate an orthotic that can then be worn to reposition the bite temporarily to alleviate pain symptoms associated with joint disorders or to habituate your jaw into that neuromuscular position before a more definite treatment can take place.

One of the mode of treatment to harmonize the position of the teeth with relax position of the joints and the muscles is neuromuscular orthodontics, another is full-mouth reconstruction at a neuromuscular position.j5tensing-sideretouched

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