The amalgam has two fundamental health flaws: 1) it has a sustained release of mercury and other toxic metals into the body, and 2) galvanic action produces electricity that flows through the body. Since pathophysiologic effects that toxicity has on the body can be objectively measured, scientific research pertaining to the amalgam’s fundamental health flaws have been focused on the sustained mercury release. more

Note: To read Abstracts to some of the more paramount scientific documents pertaining to pathophysiologic effects of released mercury
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This detoxification should only start after complete and safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings from the mouth.

Cilantro Tincture 10 drops 3 times a day.

1 wk on 3 wks off together with Chlorella 

Chlorella 3 gram 3  times a day

1 wk on 3 wks off together with Cilantro

Garlic Freeze dried capsules 2 caps at meal
Fatty acid Omega 3        1 cap 4 times  a day
 Balanced electrolyte   I tbsp in good water 3 times a day

(Selectrolyte) Other supplements:


Vit B6 Pyridoxine

 50 mg 1 tab/day at breakfast
 Zinc  15 mg 3 tab/day
 Vit C  500 mg 3 times a day with meals( must contain Rutin and/or Bioflavanoids)
 Vit B1 Thiamine  50 mg 3 times a day
 Selenium  50 microgram tab 3 times a day
 L-Glutathione  50-75 mg  3 times a day between meals
 Whole Grain
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