I have been a patient of Dr. Farid Shodjaee for at least eight years. His wit and charm are surpassed only by his exceptional professionalism. I have never had any problem with any of the dental work that he has performed. He has taken excellent care of my teeth and mouth. I particularly like that he shares both his short-term and long-term objectives with me. He often asks for my input, seriously regarding my concerns I may have. He has always displayed a warm interest in all areas in my life; concentrating on my total well being – not just as it may concern dentistry. Because of this I have not hesitated to recommend Dr. Shodjaee to other friends and family. As a matter of fact, I was pleased and eager to take my 5 year old to see Dr. Shodjaee for his very first dental visit. As every concerned parent can attest, I wanted to ensure that his first experience in a dentist’s chair would be a positive one. I knew that as a devoted family man, Dr. Shodjaee would show my son patience, gentleness and guidance; and I was right. My son now looks forward to his next visit, and I praise Dr. Shodjaee and his staff for starting my son off on a positive note. (Then again … Maybe it was the Dr. Seuss movie during the appointment that did it.)

Sherry Phillips


Let this be a testimonial of the health impact that I (Ian Lawford) experienced after all amalgam ( which I believe was close to a dozen fillings) was removed in 2001 when I was 30 yrs old. I am now 35 years old. For almost a decade prior to seeing Dr Shodjaee I experienced a daily suite immune responses, such as fits of sneezing, itchy/watering eyes, and head aches which were elicited from such things as cats, dogs, smoke, perfumes, temperature change and pressure changes. Take offs and landing in airplanes was very painful. Everyday, at least once, perhaps twice a day I would medicate with such things as Claritin and Benadryl. The drugs may have worked temporarily, although this was not a sustainable remedy.

Since my amalgam was removed in 2001, within months, perhaps half a year I noticed significant changes. Although I still sneeze today, after all it is a normal immune response,  my quality of health is much better and I no longer experience the debilitating suite of systems described above. For the last 3 years I have not taken any drugs containing pseudophedrin nor have I felt a need for them.

My brother has all of his molars filled with dental amalgam as I did and he experiences the same  sensitivities ( if not worse ) that I did prior to the complete removal of mercury. It affects his life so pervasively that before visiting our house, where we have two cats, he medicates himself with Benadryl.

The other testament that I would like to make is the lack of informed consent surrounding the use of mercury in my own personal health care. This means educating clients about the potential for health risks. Regardless of whether the topic is still up for discussion or not, the consumer can not make an informed decision and therefore empowered, until they a educated. Also, even though I am now aware of the potential for health risks, I as a consumer should be able to decide whether I want dental amalgam used or not. In my sons case this was not our experience. We were told stainless steel would be used and we felt fine with that. However, we were shocked to find most of his teeth filled with amalgam. We felt very disempowered!!

I sincerely hope that the history of hegemony by doctors and the subjugation of patients continues to change. It can only lead to better patient care.


Ian Lawford

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