My Team as a whole shape and define my practice. I am so lucky and grateful to work with some remarkable individuals with not only superb knowledge and understanding of their profession but also managing to serve their clients with an amazing level of TLC. They also bring such a beauty to my office. Let me introduce them to you individually.



Talia is my clinical assistant. She is my true dental soul mate . Our working together has been met-aphorized by our patients as a “well choreographed ballet “, ” very smooth operation” , ” magical show of our hands ” , ” well synchronized dancing”. Talia can read my mind and anticipate my every move. We have been working together for so many years that we have stopped counting. She is married and an amazing mother of 2 charming children.



Jennifer has been working with me as a hygienist just for short time but we have already bonded as if we have known each other for the longest time. Her easy going, tender caring , soft personality makes her the sweetest hygienist to be treated by. She just had a second son and I am so proud to have her on my team.



Jenny has been my clinic director for about 5 years now, she is the centre and the heart of my practice, her expertise in dealing with my clients and her flawless courtesy and kindness to all distinguishes her in this field. Not a day goes by without hearing my clients praising her for helping them beyond the call of duty. I appreciate the special style that she has brought in to my practice. On top of all of these qualities, she can make you a very best cup of espresso when you arrive at my office.



France is my longest standing Hygienist , I have known her for more than half of her life. She is sought after and fought over by so many of my patients who wait in line to see her. She has an outstanding commitment to continuing education and excellence in her profession. She also has had special training in orthodontics. She is more than my staff, she is part of my family. France and her husband have 2 beautiful children.



Jenn has been the most recent addition to my team . She fitted into our practice so easily and smoothly . She is my independently wealthy veteran hygienist who works for the love of the profession . She is easy to talk to,  she has a great sense of humor and a source of joy and a change of pace at our office every Wednesday . If your cleaning appointment happens to be on Wednesday you might be lucky to have experienced her treating you. I am proud of her . 

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