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Biological Dentistry Continued

Oral Galvanism

Result of Oral Galvanism

Oral Galvanism & Accupuncture Meridians



Biological Dentistry Continued

Amalgam fillings produce electrical currents which increase mercury vapor release and may have other harmful effects. These currents are measured in micro amps, with some measured at over 5 micro amps. A clinic with considerable experience dealing with problems of oral galvanism found that currents over 5 microamps usually cause significant health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizzyness, nausea,etc. which was eliminated when amalgam fillings were replaced. The central nervous system operates on signals in the range of nano-amps, which is 1000 times less than a micro amp. The metals also have electrical potentials which can be measured in millivolts(mV). One clinical study determined that electrical potential differences of over 50 mV were pathological, causing galvanism, leukoplakia, oral lichen planus, or toxic or allergic reactions to restorations. In most subjects with amalgam fillings, potential differences of more than 50 mV are present between restorations, with potentials ranging from - 417 mV to +150 mV. Negative potentials may be more pathological than positive ones. The average potential for metal crowns and bridges was 154 mV.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the overwhelming support of my practice and my vision of dentistry. I will, for years to come commit myself to bring the best that dentistry can offer to you and your loved ones.

Open Minds
A New Prespective in Healing

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  Dear Farid,

In this issue I discuss another concern of Biological dentistry and that is the extent and character of the direct electrical currents generated by the disassociation of dissimilar metals in an electrolyte media (fluids and tissues of the human body). This is called "oral galvanism." These currents carry disruptive metal ions to the opposite poles in these oral galvanic batteries. How much oral galvanic power is necessary to change organic function, to change membrane permeability, to interfere with the power of thought or recall, or to initiate degenerative change? We just don't know! But we do know that it does change from electronegative to electropositive.


  • Oral Galvanism

    Having dissimilar metals in the teeth(e.g.-amalgam, or gold and mercury, or stainless steel and mercury) causes galvanic action, electrical currents, and much higher mercury vapor level in oral tissues. The amount of mercury released into saliva has been found by large studies to be about 1.5 to 1.9 micrograms per liter for each additional amalgam filling. The amount of mercury released by a gold alloy bridge over amalgam over a 10 year period was measured to be approx. 101 milligrams(mg)(60% of total) or 30 micrograms(ug) per day.). Average mercury levels in gum tissue near amalgam fillings are about 200 ppm, and are the result of flow of mercury into the mucous membrane because of galvanic currents with the mucous membrane serving as cathode and amalgam metals as anode.

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  • Result of Oral Galvanism

    Mercury and other metals accumulate in the oral cavity in fibroblasts, macrophages, and multinuclear giant cells of connective tissue, in blood vessel walls, along nerve sheath fibres, in basement-membranes of mucosal epithelium, striated muscle fibres, along collagen bundles and elastic tissue, in acini of salivary glands, and in tooth roots and jaw bones. Such mercury including that in the commonly formed amalgam tattoos moves to other parts of the body over time in significant amounts and more rapidly than the other metals. Macrophages remove mercury by phagocytosis and the mercury moves to other parts of the body through the blood and along nerve. Most dentists are not aware of the main source of amalgam tattoos, oral galvanism, where electric currents caused by mixed metals in the mouth take the metals into the gums and oral mucosa, accumulating at the base of teeth with large fillings or metal crowns over amalgam base. Such metals are documented to cause local and systemic lesions and health effects, which usually recover after removal of the amalgam tattoo by surgery. The high levels of accumulated mercury also are dispersed to other parts of the body.

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  • Oral Galvanism & Accupuncture Meridians

    Is it possible that these metallic energy sinks are acting as blockades in the meridians or bioenergetic circuits associated with the teeth? Can these blockades cause dysfunction in their respective organs, endocrine systems, vertebrae, muscles, nerves and nerve reflexes? It is and it does! Should we view current existing dental restorations as toxic scars? With mercury amalgam implanted in the teeth, most definitely. With gold and other metal restorations. for a certain percentage of people again most definitely and with composite cements on an individual basis, again most definitely. With just about any restorative material used in dentistry there will be blockades by the body if the immune system is still functional because the tooth is an open and dynamic living organ. Biological Dentistry is concerned with treatment and therapies that cause the least disturbance to the immune system.

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